What are FIBC / Jumbo Bag?

Brain Chamber Polysacks offers FIBC(Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), Jumbo Bag, Big Bag in various designs and size. Jumbo Bag use for storing and carrying flow able materials in bulk quantity. Fabric is generated by extrusion and molding of Pp Polypropylene granules finally converted in woven sacks known as Jumbo Bag. It’s an ideal solution made for bulk packaging.

Our manufacturing unit is export oriented integrated with latest technologies for manufacturing quality FIBC. Our jumbo bags are highly durable coated or uncoated UV resistance to keep your material moisture free.


Jumbo Bag has huge requirement for bulk packaging in industrial sectors. Here PP polypropylene granules get converted into FIBC fabric use as different applications in industrial and agricultural sectors. Our Big Bags is an ideal solution for shipping, handling and storing the materials in bulk quantity in cement, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and agriculture sectors.

Safe Usage and Handling of Jumbo Bags

Demand for FIBC/Jumbo Bag is growing day by day. It is use for many different ways for storing and handling the products in bulk quantity. It handle and carry weight from 500 kg to 2000 kg as per needs. FIBC should use proper ways for storing and transportation of materials.

Jumbo Bag Storing – it is best for storing materials in clean safe manner. It protects from sunlight and climatic changes.

Jumbo Bag Filling – Bag is filled by resting it on ground or on a pallet as per packaging needs.

Jumbo Bag Discharging – In common cases FIBC is discharge by help of gravity but in some cases it required suction for emptying. Special discharging sprout use for emptying the bag.

Jumbo Bag Lifting – FIBC/Jumbo Bag are lifted through its loops placing on forks. It easily handle and move from one place to other by the help of loops.